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Wendy, 144 Sprinter

Wendy is Wonder Vans most recent demo van and showcase. With her white maple walls and slatted ceiling and bright teal accents she really stands out in a line. Wendy is not just looks she has in floor heating, hot water, solar, and a large electrical system that can take you on any adventure you can dream of. Wendy was designed to be a compact yet spacious van to accommodate anyones dreams. 

The project was done in 2023

Enzo, Promaster 170

The harmony between the wood and the blue of the cupboards makes Enzo super bright and welcoming. The details on the cabinetry of the recessed doors are a reminder of the Scandinavian and refined style.

With his fixed bed, it's possible to have plenty of space under him, we call it a garage zone. The bench space is perfect to receive from friends or work. a perfect layout for a van life full-time. 

The project was done in 2021

Tajmahal, Sprinter 170

The Tajmahal van is a perfect family van with four seats. With the ample open space, when the back seats are up, it's easy to receive and hang out with friends! During the day, you have a full dining space with four places to seat and during the night, the queen bed gets down in this space. At the back, you will see a full luxury bathroom, with a shower and a separate toilet.  

The project was done in 2022

Opal, Transit 148

Opal is a real light show! With its new technologies of Bluetooth light, it's possible to choose every mood you want during the dark light. During the day, the opal is a warm and comfortable space. This van is perfect for a van lifer full time or a weekender. 

The project was done in 2023

Little Ram, Promaster 118

Little Ram is a small van with a mid-roof. With its Yaletown style, the van is purified, bright and has plenty of storage space. The space can be adaptable for whatever utility you want with the convertible bed. Perfect little weekender!

The project was done in 2022

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